My husband once said to me ‘You struggle with housework, don’t you?’ My response, ‘No, I give up straight away.’

At the start of May I read a book: Housework Blues, a Survival Guide. This book lined up all my excuses for not doing housework and shot them down one by one. It might just have changed my life. Now, if Kirstie and Phil turned up saying ‘We’ve got someone here who wants to see your house’ I wouldn’t be embarrassed to let them in. I wouldn’t expect to sell the house, but I wouldn’t be ashamed at the state of it.

I always particularly hated washing. Not the actual washing, or even the hanging out, but the sorting, ironing and putting away that followed. I always had an ironing pile that things disappeared into for weeks. I hated sorting socks, so they got left in a pile that didn’t get put away until people began to run out.

Now I have caught up! And because I have caught up my washing line looks like this. Socks already paired, no sorting required. And today a miracle will occur. My washing basket is empty, and once today’s washing is dry I will iron and put away, and the washing will all be done. For the first time. Ever. At least until the kids go to bed and their dirty clothes go in the hamper…

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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