Pembridge Church Fete

Yesterday was the Pembridge Church Fete. As at all good church fetes, there were cakes:

And plants:

And toys, books, raffle, skittles, white elephant …

But no bouncy castle! It didn’t arrive. I’m not entirely sure whether this was a blessing in disguise because the weather was quite variable, and we might not have made the rental back had it been there. The kids did have plenty of alternatives to amuse them – including pasta making. Our Miss seven year old had her (almost) fresh pasta for breakfast this morning.


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1 Response to Pembridge Church Fete

  1. Bernard Darnton says:

    Fresh pasta is great. We used to make fresh pasta all the time until one evening we didn’t get round to properly cleaning the pasta machine and the gears got jammed up with hundreds of tiny little bits of pasta that turned into concrete.

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