Saturdays are supposed to be family fun day. Today was family not really fun day. We went shopping, and we have been to Focus, B&Q, Wickes and Dulux Trade Store (you can tell we’ve got lots of DIY to do). We have also been to Booker, Argos (for pocketmoney spends on MicroPets), Tesco and ASDA. Thankfully we avoided Clarks.

We now have paint for almost all internal walls and ceilings and external woodwork, sand to mix with the lime putty we have yet to order, and window catches to replace the broken ones (not broken by us, might I add). We also have some stamps! We bought shoes too. At Tesco’s we stopped in for school uniform and to convert our vouchers into twice their value on school unifom purchases. Only to find they had no school uniform left.

Shoes, we thought, we’ll get their shoes. We tried on all that we could. Miss 9 is a size 2. Or 2 and a half. This proved to be critical. Between the grown up styles with no bar and the high heels there was only one pair to try. The ballet variety which wouldn’t have lasted the winter. Thankfully it didn’t fit, size 2 too small, size 3 too large. Miss 7 is a size 12. We tried on every size 12 and 13 we could find. No joy. Just as we were about to give up I spotted another style we hadn’t tried. It fitted! Hooray! It has obviously been worn before or been the main sample in the shop for a while, but it fitted! And was only £4.

We went on to ASDA, which hadn’t been on our original plan. We found some school shirts and trousers and, with trepidation, went on to the shoe department. Miss 9 tried on every possible shoe. After ten minutes of hunting through the racks and thinking ‘Oh no, now we have to go to a Proper Shoe Shop’, I found them! The shoes that fitted! Hooray! All the time we had spent in the shoe area, Mr 2 had been pointing at a particular pair of shoes, so on the offchance we tried them on him. They fitted! To sum up, we spent £19 on shoes today, which would have been  £96 had we just gone to Clarks. Slightly more stress, but a £77 saving.

All this was rounded off by our credit card being delined at ASDA. After the people behind us had had to wait for much longer than they had expected, we were taken up to customer services to make our payment. After a while on the phone to the bank (‘I don’t know what’s wrong – this normally only takes a couple of minutes’) we finally paid and left. Obviously us going out and doing some shopping is sufficiently unusual to trigger a fraud warning.

On a completely different topic, we were discussing learning foreign languages this evening based on a news report that said French was out of fashion. Miss 9 and Miss 7 said that learning French was boring (although I’m not quite sure what Miss 7 based her opinion on). By teatime, Mr 2, who has barely 100 words of English, was running round saying ‘Bonjour’.

Back to our shopping. Included in our shopping were some avocados, nachos, sour cream, salsa and tequila. The length of this post obviously is a result of the tequila purchase. I intend to enjoy the others once the kids have gone to bed.

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