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Accountancy work books

I have been getting back into studying with a vengeance. Somehow, September always seems the right time to do this, no matter how long ago those school days get. I am busy working on my Level 3 AAT Accounting and I seem to be getting on quite well at the moment after a month long hiatus. The Kaplan Distance Learning course I am doing is very well presented.

My calculator is not doing so well. It gets things right most of the time, but then occasionally it comes up with a completely random wrong answer. Most of the time it is obvious. Any column of figures I am likely to be adding doesn’t suddenly come to a bit more than 65 million. The worry is that it will come up with a wrong answer close enough to the right one that I won’t spot it. This is NOT the calculator I will use in my exams. I suppose the lesson is, when you’re buying a calculator, spend more than 89p.

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2 Responses to Back to Studying

  1. Bernard Darnton says:

    What’s the maximum you can spend on a calculator and still be able to claim it as an expense rather than capitalise it?

  2. planetcoops says:

    It’d have to be a pretty impressive calculator if it was going to be capitalised.

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