Weather Report

Weather. I fully appreciate all the difficulties inherant in guessing what the weather is going to be. I never expect weather reports to be accurate, and generally I don’t bother watching them, finding that mostly, whatever the weather is like today, it’ll be like that tomorrow. Obviously this is not foolproof but it sort of works most of the time.

On Friday, because of our DIY plans, we checked what the weather was supposed to be like for the weekend. Basically it was going to be fairly fine for us for most of the weekend. Yesterday we got on with our lime work in reasonable weather. We were surprised by a shower in the late afternoon, so we put a tarpaulin over the wall, and hoped that the wall repairs would be OK. We checked the weather website again last night to see what they were saying about today, and breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Enough to dampen the garden then clear by lunchtime’. Not quite.

Today we have had established rain. We dashed out in a break and cleaned up the wall a bit then put the tarp back. Thankfully the wind is in the East and most of our repairs are on the West so they seem alright. Please, please, please can we have some fine weather soon? We want to get the rest of the wall finished before it gets too cold!

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