Accounting Test

This morning I sat my test for the Cash Management and Credit Control section. It had to be supervised, so I went along to the Rectory, where our Rector kindly gave up her desk to me for the morning. I was supposed to have four hours to finish the test. In reality I wanted to get it done while Mr 2 was at pre-school, and I couldn’t start until 10am, which cut it down to just over two hours. I wasn’t quite finished in that time, but luckily our Rector lives right next door to the pre-school and didn’t mind Mr 2 running round opening and closing every door in her house while I finished off the last couple of questions.

I am quite confident about this one. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything seriously wrong, and I feel quite happy about how it went. I will sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow. Last time I did one of these tests I dreamed about the question I got wrong, and my brain told me the right answer, albeit 16 hours too late. Tonight I’m hoping for a peaceful night!

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