More Power

Today our broadband suddenly disappeared. I was on my computer this afternoon and my network connection went. My computer is particularly prone to that so I shut it down, because that usually cures the problem if ‘Repair’ doesn’t. I went out on the school run and when I got back my husband informed me that our broadband really had gone down. The problem has been traced to the power supply to our router which has decided to stop working. BT are sending out a new one which should be with us by Thursday.

We do seem to have problems with our power supplies, both in a specific hardware sense – this isn’t the first failure, and a more general will we get through today without a powercut sense. My husband works from home, so we have to have electricity. We bought a big battery pack so that when we have power cuts he can plug in the router and his laptop and be able to run them for (in theory) two days. Thankfully we also have an attic where among the Christmas decorations, sleeping bags and old cot sheets there are archaic computers, unidentified cables and an assortment of dusty electronics. Among them was a power supply suitable for the router. Thank goodness for that. We would have found being without broadband for three days a tad inconvenient.


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