Cleared out rockery

See, there really are rocks there! This has taken me a long time to get clear – more than a month as you can tell by the fact that grass is growing again in the first bits I worked on. It got a lot slower recently as the mud just squidges in the wet but the rocks can now see sunshine for the first time in I don’t know how long.

I have the same problem as with the oval flowerbed, which is that now I need some other plants to put in or the same few things will take over again. There are loads of plants in our garden I could move, but they are mostly all the same type as each other. There are a lot of huge shrubs as well but not many things which would stay small enough for the rockery. I do want to keep it so that you can actually tell there are rocks in there!

The next challenge is this overgrown area:

Weed patch

The plant at the very left is a lupin which had an amazing number of flowers on it in the summer, and the woodchips you can see at the right are at the the edge of where I put the acer in back in August. This section does have a few plants and shrubs I want to keep, so won’t look quite as bare in the ‘After’ photo.

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