Pandanda Party : No Admittance

Today was Pandanda party day. The girls had spent all week doing Quests to get themselves to level 5, which was what they needed to reach to get access to the party. They had gone to buy party clothes at the online panda shop with the coins gained from the quests. But disaster! The two servers hosting the party were full. Miss 7 was distraught. ‘This hasn’t been a very good day for me’ she sobbed. Miss 9 had managed to log on, and to add insult to injury we had also changed Miss 9 from Safe Chat mode to Standard Filtered Chat earlier today. Oh, there were tears.

Pandanda Server Selection

Eventually, at nearly bedtime, Miss 7 managed to log on. Then she had to hunt for Henry (If you need to ask who he is, you don’t need to know), who was always in the location that was so full no-one else was allowed in. After an hour or so of hanging around waiting she got to see Henry, and got the (virtual) souvenir t-shirt. That made it all worthwhile then.


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