Autumn Display

Leaves hanging in windowInspiration for this came from Domesticali (thank you!). The cutting out was done by nature because I am enough of a danger to myself chopping onions for dinner and should never be allowed anywhere near a scalpel so the leaf shapes out of paper idea was never an option. The sewing up was done by hand as I thought it was just at a level a seven year old could achieve. Unfortunately I didn’t account for the boredom threshold of said seven year old. The collecting of leaves was much more fun than the stitching and she gave up after sewing two (leaves, not threads).

They are hanging above our chest freezer so, as the warm air rises from the back of the freezer, the leaves twirl. I had hoped to get a lovely photo of sunshine through the autumn colours but we are a day late for that and the sun has gone. Even with them hung in a south facing window, my camera needed its flash.

I have always loved the idea of having seasonal displays in the house, but I know I would end up with dusty conkers keeping the snowflake cut-outs company on the windowsill in April. At least this one is definitely short lived. The leaves will eventually crumble and go out onto the compost heap. It has however inspired Miss 9. She has been making halloween pictures to create some hanging strings of her own. Pictures to follow, perhaps on the 31st.


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