Poorly Chicken

Elizabeth seems a bit unwell at the moment. She stopped laying a few weeks (months?) ago after having had a succession of weak shelled or no shelled eggs. Now she just doesn’t seem herself. She isn’t bossy or curious or sociable any more. She doesn’t rush for food or bother to fight over anything. She doesn’t look as lovely and glossy as she did in the photo above. She’s a bit more dull and a bit more dirty.

She has been our super layer. For over a year she barely missed a day, laying huge eggs that were at least one and a half times the size of your supermarket ‘large’ eggs. I hope she’s just having a rest and will soon be back to her old self.

Update 14th Oct: Elizabeth died today. This morning she got up and sat herself by the water and food, looking very unwell, and that’s where we found her still at lunchtime.

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