Woolly Jumper

I started knitting this jumper about three years ago. Then I suppose I must have had a tidy up and it got put away and completely forgotten about. I mean completely. I rediscovered it a couple of days ago and couldn’t believe I had left it unfinished as it was. I had completed the front, the back and most of one sleeve, then abandoned it. How could I?

Now I have finished it. Unfortunately I no longer have a child who will fit into a size 0-6 months jumper! I will have to find another home for it.

In my new scheme of finish one thing before I can start another, does this mean I can now start something new? Does it count if the finished thing wasn’t on the to-do list, was so near complete it only took a bit more than a day and had been totally forgotten about before rediscovery? As I was pondering this question, a friend emailed me with a crochet pattern I had asked for – a lovely twisty, ruffled, chunky scarf. That was answer enough. I have now begun the scarf. Well, the first of two scarves because Miss 9 wants one as well.

About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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