My husband got the official phonecall today: he is being made redundant. Now this doesn’t come as a great surprise. In his ten years with Sun Microsystems he has survived ten rounds of redundancies, and with Oracle taking over earlier this year we knew there were big cuts on the way. The thing is, his job isn’t redundant, but the part of the globe we live in doesn’t fit the grand plan. If we lived in Los Angeles or Bangalore his job would be safe. Homeworking from rural Herefordshire doesn’t fit the requirements.

Not long ago Stuart got his ten-year long service award from Oracle. Five years ago, from Sun Microsystems he had a choice of awards and selected a telescope. This time he got … a ballpoint pen! Admittedly it is a very posh ballpoint pen. We have never had a pen which came with a User Guide before. So a couple of months after getting a letter saying, ‘… our people are clearly our most important resource …’ and, ‘Good luck in current and future roles …’ he is no longer required.

Our first priority has to be to get the house completely decorated so we can move somewhere a bit cheaper. Once the house is ready we will be in a race – him to get another JAVA programming job within a reasonable commute from here, and me to get an accounting job. Runner up prize is potty training!

I have decided that we could do with some cheering up, so in the spirit of Julie and Julia I have decided to bake my way through Mary Berry’s Fast Cakes. I will complete it in, oh, however long it takes and (don’t go away!) I promise not to blog about every single one.

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1 Response to Redundancy

  1. aliaswhensmile says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Amanda – I hope the cakes help a bit, and that you don’t have to move too far from somewhere you are clearly thriving. I enjoy dropping by your blog – thanks for sharing.

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