Despicable Me

We had a new cinematic experience today! We decided to take the children to the cinema, and, by virtue of the fact it was the only film on in Hereford this afternoon, we picked Despicable Me. I hadn’t realised it was a 3D film, my investigations stretching to Whats On? and Is it a Kids’ Film?

I have to say, I really am amazed at how good the whole experience was. Having struggled with red and green glasses which still leave everything fuzzy and grey, I was unaware of the advances in technology that make genuine 3D a possibility. Well, perhaps that’s not quite true. I had seen a good 3D film at Universal Studios while on holiday in 1998, but it’s taken a while for me to get to see it in a ‘real’ film.

Our children are a bit cinema deprived really. The last (and only ever) film they have been to see before was Happy Feet, and that was a while ago. Years ago I used to go to the cinema a lot, but when we started saving for a wedding and a deposit for a house that was one of the things that went, and we’ve never got back into the habit. After several cinema free years we went to see LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring. A year later we saw The Two Towers and the year after that we went to The Return of the King. The following year, staying with the in-laws for Christmas, as we had been the previous three years, with the built-in babysitting that provides, we saw whichever Harry Potter was the current one (Azkaban, I think). A year later, we were back at the in-laws, deciding which film to see when we discovered they had closed our cinema! The UCI Solihull was no more and our annual cinema visit went the same way.

Happy Feet was the next film I saw. Mamma Mia next, then Despicable Me, which brings us back to today. That makes a grand total of seven cinema visits in a decade. Hopefully the number will be slightly higher over the next decade. When you don’t watch films in big groups you laugh less at the comedy, you don’t get the effect of a child so involved they shout out ‘Go on! Go on!’ and, in our house at least, you don’t get 3D.

So, Despicable Me. I really enjoyed the film. The kids really enjoyed the film. Mr Planetcoops even enjoyed the film. The 3D effect was great, apart from the fact that Mr 3 refused to wear the glasses and has now experienced what it must be like being very long-sighted. Now we just have to make sure it is less than three years until we take the kids next time.


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One Response to Despicable Me

  1. Gina says:

    My sister took my kids to see Despicable Me…they said it was a really cute movie. I’m more of watch at the house kind of girl too.

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