The last three days have been spent painting. Nothing exciting, mind. Skirting boards and architraving mostly. We have taken advantage of no work happening at the moment to redecorate the study. It used to be mostly green with various shades of grime. Now it is Ivory. Children have already been told off for running fingers along the pristine walls. When I say I have been painting, that also involves moving loads of junk out of the room being decorated, and moving most of it back once the painting was done. That possibly took longer than the actual painting!

We used Dulux Trade Supermatt on the walls. It went on so nicely – one of the easiest paint jobs I have ever done. We picked the paint because it is breathable; a necessity in an old house like this. I was a bit worried about painting such a pale colour. I thought I might have to do lots of coats to get decent coverage, but no, it was great. In fact the only place any old colour showed through the new rollering was the tester square of the Farrow and Ball Green I really love and will definitely include in the decorating plan once we’ve moved house.

I got the emulsion done over the last couple of days and today my Father in Law came to visit and between us all we got four landing doors and architraves painted and all the skirting in the bathroom done. That’s a few jobs ticked off. We are getting there. Slowly but surely.


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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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