Taximeter Part 2

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag. Good and bad combined. Take Taximeter. We had our first support email today – in Russian! Luckily I was able to answer it, so for the first time in almost 16 years I have actually used something I learnt at university. That was great. Even better if he actually understands me!

Not so good was the fact someone has given us a one-star rating for Taximeter. No comment, no reason, no clue as to why they’re so unhappy. We speculated that perhaps it was someone trying and failing to get round all the security Stu has put in. It’s a bit of a hobby for him, so it is much better protected than is typical for something so inexpensive. Perhaps it was someone who really did have a problem – maybe their GPS couldn’t get a fix, or they expected their city to be included and it wasn’t. but we would really rather know.

Some of you may recall that I joked about our car falling to pieces a couple of months ago. Well, several days after that post, the window mechanism broke. The cable which raised and lowered the window completely failed. Since then it has been held up with a couple of corks stuck into the frame. Today we (he, mainly, but I did help) finally fixed it.

Look, no cork! It even goes up and down as it should.

This evening we had pizza. For some reason, the dough wouldn’t stretch. It isn’t a complicated or difficult recipe. Put 5 ingredients into the breadmaker and go and do something else for 50 minutes (in today’s case, go and compose an email in Russian). When I took it out of the machine I just couldn’t get it to make decent pizza bases. In the end I resorted to using a rolling-pin. A rolling-pin! On pizza bases! I mean, that’s almost sacrilege. Oh well they tasted OK, even if they were a little smaller than usual.

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3 Responses to Taximeter Part 2

  1. Очень хорошо!

  2. Vadim says:

    Hi! Use your app in USA need help with custom setup! Sound stupid but cant understood how to do).
    Got Fare: $2.50 per mile, $0.50 waiting time, $2.50 pickup charge, $2.50 airport charge.
    Can you send me numbers for custom setup pls…

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