We made it to the Kington fireworks show this evening. We were only just on time, after a hunt (which extended to the attic) for all the gloves, hats and scarves we haven’t seen since spring. We managed to get the very last parking spot in the carpark, although we were only able to open the car doors about six inches at the back because of inconveniently placed shrubbery.

We rushed down to the recreation ground, past the fire to a space just waiting for us by the fence. We got there just as the countdown completed to the start of the fireworks. As always, it was a stunning show. The end in particular was the most spectacular yet. My photographs don’t do it justice, but here are a couple anyway:

One of the reasons I didn’t get the best shots was that from a few minutes in Mr 3 decided he didn’t want to be there. He has never really liked fireworks, but we had hoped that this year he would be able to understand a bit more and not be frightened. He spent most of the display being cuddled and saying ‘Go Home. Go Home. Go Home.’. Right near the end, he spotted that his glow stick was the same colour as some of the fireworks. From that point he watched them all and seemed to quite enjoy the grand finale.

The other question which has sprung to mind is: Why can my camera give great real-time images on the screen then as soon as I press the shutter, it takes a second or so to decide to take the photo, then gives a much worse, blurry result in the actual shot? I have had several photos today which I had no trouble deleting staight away because they were of black sky or a couple of slivers of light – all that remained from an impressive firework. Sometimes I would rather have the image I see, even at a lower resolution, than a 3 MB picture of black sky. My next test is to reduce the image size on the camera to see whether that will generate better results overall. For this we will have to set off another load of fireworks! We will use the ones we planned to set off last night when we thought the rain would have passed by evening.

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