Moist Chocolate and Orange Squares

I wish I had a smell-o-blog! When this cake was cooking Miss 9 (who hasn’t eaten a piece of fruit since she was 14 months old) said, ‘It isn’t fair! That smells so tempting and I don’t like orange.’ ‘Perhaps you’ll like it if you try it.’ I said. No such luck. She has a double dose of stubborness, inherited half from each parent and there was no chance, no matter how tempting the smell, that she would eat anything with orange in it. I can tell you that it is delicious, and all the rest of us enjoyed it immensely.

All the tray bakes I have done so far have been great. The basic recipe for most of them is the same as a standard 3 egg sponge (just with a bit more flour than I would normally put in) and baked in a meat roasting dish. An addition here and there makes some nice variations. This one was a bit different, though, with ground almonds and golden syrup in the mix together with the cocoa powder and orange rind.

The only thing I didn’t get quite right was the icing. It is a butter icing (actually an olive spread icing, we don’t generally eat butter) and once I had added the requisite amount of orange juice it made an incredibly soft mix. I mixed and mixed but it didn’t want to thicken up at all. I’m not quite sure what to do about that, but it’ll be a while before I have to worry about it – I have 145 more Mary Berry recipes to try out in the meantime!

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