Utterly Wasted Evening

We have started drinking again. What I should say, is that we have been teetotal for a couple of months and yesterday we shared a bottle of wine. It was a real eye-opener in some ways. I have never drunk very much. I enjoy the first glass, then by the end of the second I just want to sleep, so I’ve never found it much fun. Yesterday I ended up with absolutely no enthusiasm for doing anything and spent the evening sitting half watching repeats of Grand Designs and QI. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if there had been anything on TV I actually wanted to watch, or even if I just hadn’t seen the programs before. I could have convinced myself that that’s what I’d have been doing anyway. As it was I had the guilt of a paintbrush wrapped in a plastic bag waiting for me to go and do the second coat of paint on the ceiling by the back door. It is still there now, reproaching me for laziness.

It was the exact opposite of the time I gave up coffee for a few months. That first cup after a break made me itch to be doing things and I had a very productive day. Unfortunately that effect doesn’t last once you’re used to the caffeine again.

My free time is precious to me. My child free hours get absorbed in many ways, so when I can use them and feel good about the way I use them I am much happier. I think we will go teetotal again, at least at home. The enjoyment gained from a glass of wine is not worth the complete and utter waste of time and enthusiasm.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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