Not Redundant After All

Now here’s a turn up for the books. Mr Planetcoops is no longer redundant. Someone has transferred out of his group and now there’s space to keep him. So it’ll be back to the normal routine from Monday. Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for us. We feel a lot better knowing things will carry on as they are for a while.

He has had three weeks of polyfilla and paint – or looking after Mr 3 while I paint because I quite enjoy the change, and he doesn’t really like painting. I’m sure Mr 3 would have loved to help with the painting, but I’m not sure his cutting in would be quite to my standards! We will have to keep up on the DIY front as it will be nice to get the house completed, and all the associated tins, rollers, cover sheets and stirring sticks back to the shed where they belong.

Of course there isn’t the urgency to sell the house any more, but we will have to keep it in mind. It was nice to realise that we could reduce our mortgage if necessary and it has got me thinking about all the other things we could do if all our money wasn’t disappearing off to the Building Society. We have been living quite frugally, so splashing out on something nice would be great, and I think I could do with a holiday in New Zealand.


About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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4 Responses to Not Redundant After All

  1. aliaswhensmile says:

    Good news! Some more breathing space for you while you think about other things! I can’t believe your youngest is 3!!!!
    Love to you all!

  2. Amanda B says:

    Yay for holidays in NZ!!!
    Would love to return your hospitality and show all of you around someday 😉

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