We had an evening out last Friday. The girls have been going to a club since May, where they sing, dance and learn modelling walks. I’m not one of those stage-struck mothers who want their kids to grow up to be stars, but I remember having fun doing such things as a child and teenager and I thought they might enjoy it. Friday was the big performance.

The show was to raise money for the Noah’s Ark Trust, so the children got to perform, we got to spend an evening out and watch a show, and it was all for a good cause. The performers weren’t just the ones who had been going to the club. It was open to any local children who wanted to perform so there was a huge range in the sorts of performances. There were 5 year olds on stage for the first time through to ‘I got through to boot camp on X-Factor’. There was ballet and beatbox, karate and opera. There was even our own Mr 3, modelling a lovely page-boy outfit, who was so delighted to be up on the stage he wouldn’t go off with the other children (Miss 7 and Miss 9 having forgotten to take his hand to lead him away), and had to be lifted down from the front of the stage. When Julie, the organiser had asked if I would let him model (along with her granddaughter of about the same age, the most cherubic, golden-haired girl you ever saw) I did say that I would let him, but whether he would do what he was supposed to was a different question!

So after 6 months of practice, Miss 9 and Miss 7 sang their songs, danced their dances, and modelled their clothes. Miss 9’s first set of clothes was so lovely I think we might have to go and search out the shop they came from and buy them for her. The only drawback being she’ll probably not get the chance to wear the lovely floaty frock anywhere special as parties here are still very much activity based.

We didn’t win any raffle prizes at the end of the evening. This disappointed Miss 7, who had been looking forward to going home with a huge tin of chocolates. I, on the other hand, was quite pleased not to be coming home with chocolates, because I would have felt obliged to eat most of them!

I think the girls enjoyed the evening over all, but Miss 9 has decided that all the waiting around back stage is boring. I agreed with her, it can be. I was secretly quite pleased she said that. Obviously if any of my children wanted to be actors or singers I would support and help them as much as I could, but I think I don’t want them to be part of the fame-obsessed society we seem to live in. Get up on stage, by all means. Try out your talent and show off for a while. If you have the talent, use it. But keep your feet on the ground, and don’t seek fame for fame’s sake. Whatever they choose to do I hope they realise from events like this that it takes a bit of hard work to be a success.


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