Resuming Normal Life

Things have been quite up in the air recently and I was looking forward to things settling down a bit so when I heard a sickness bug was rampant in the junior classes at school I was a bit nervous . Our lives are busy with al sorts of activities at the moment there would be no convenient time to fit in illness! We did OK though. We got through the performance on Friday fine. Saturday was great too. Sunday morning required an emergency phone call saying the girls wouldn’t be helping lay a wreath at the war memorial.

By today everyone was fine again and I finally got out to do some shopping. We had used up our last piece of pasta, and our last tin of tomatoes and had defrosted our spare, spare milk. I managed to spend £131. Mr Planetcoops didn’t quite believe the amount. £131? At Aldi? What on earth did we get? Of course, that used to be quite a normal amount to spend when we shopped at Morrisons, but we have been used to much reduced shopping bills recently. Well, as well as the normal shopping, we got a dressing gown for Miss 7, a sonic toothbrush, pyjamas for Mr 3, two birthday presents for the round of birthday parties which is about to start, and (most importantly) Aldi’s reinvention of Vienetta icecream.

With the house quiet once more this morning I knew it was time to get down to some serious studying. I have an exam on the 29th November and so far I have only done two practice papers. So of course I have wandered around on the internet, discovered a couple more blogs to follow, and checked my email multitudinous times. Must do better.

One thing I didn’t get round to doing was checking the kids’ school photos online to get a better idea of what they look like than the little proofs they sent out yesterday. I’m really not sure about this year’s. I did my best, honestly. I told the girls in the morning to pick their smartest uniform. We had an emergency change at 8.43 because Miss 7 had picked her paint-stained dress with the hem coming down. That should have warned me that she hadn’t really paid attention. I made sure they all had brushed hair. We got to school only five minutes later than we should have.

Then we had to queue in the ‘with younger siblings’ line. Within two minutes they were literally rolling around on the floor, playing with Mr 3. So much for brushed hair. Eventually as the queue progressed, I sat everyone down. Then I looked at Miss 7’s socks. ‘How did you get them muddy?’ I asked. ‘Oh, that was a few days ago’ she replied, oblivious to my mortification. Thankful that we were at the end of the queue, and only three other parents were witness to my inability to get my children clean even on Photo Day, we turned the socks inside out. I chose to ignore the state of her shirt collar, knowing there was nothing I could do about it. As we were about to leave one of the other mothers commented, ‘She’s quite a pretty girl, but I’ve never seen her looking neat’. That’s our Miss 7, alright.

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