Pub Quizzing

Our monthly pub quiz. We test our general knowledge against each other and the quiz master. Today we tied for first place!

We had a tie-breaker round.

We still tied.

We had a second tie-breaker round.

We still tied.

We had a third tie-breaker.

We still tied.

The pub gave up and gave both teams a prize.

I’m on a brilliant team. Now I’m educated and intelligent, but my general knowledge is nothing compared to the other two on the team. I spend most of the time nodding in agreement to whatever answers the others have suggested. The beauty, however, of having a close result is that even though I only supplied two answers that the others didn’t know (Finding Nemo and H2SO4), it made a difference.

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One Response to Pub Quizzing

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I just came over to say yes, looking at the DVD definitely counts.

    And I am ashamed to say that during the PTA quiz the other year, I was the only one who knew the answers to questions involving subjects like TV advertising and Westlife.

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