Christmas Shopping

The joy of Christmas shopping. A couple of weeks ago we went to Hereford on a shopping trip. It was a week day, so we didn’t expect it to be too busy. Hereford has a population of about 55,000, and I think almost every one of them must have been out and about that day. We do seem to have the magic touch when it comes to queueing as well. We join the end of a queue about 15 people long, and by the time we reach the tills there are only ever a couple of people behind us. I don’t think I can bear going shopping again between now and Christmas. Thank goodness for the internet!

We still haven’t bought any presents, although we have a few ideas. Mr 3 is a very cheerful chap. I constantly get comments about how he’s always smiling, and never in a bad mood. He has some things he really enjoys, and he makes sure he does the things he likes. At the moment he loves cameras. When he arrives at pre-school the first thing he does is ask for the camera. Every session for the last month he has begun with taking photos. Today I noticed that he came out at the end with the camera still dangling from his wrist. I suspect he had kept hold of it for the whole three hours!

I made him give it back of course. The result was a very impressive crying fit, lying flat on the floor wailing into the carpet. ‘What on earth is wrong?’ people asked. Camera deprivation. Now I know what to get him for Christmas.

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