The Canterville Ghost

We have just been to see Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost. The Rain or Shine Theatre Company came to our church to put on a play. It was a great evening. Having read the story, I really enjoyed seeing it performed on stage. They still have dates as far afield as Birmingham, London, Sussex and Norfolk as well as a few near their base in Gloucestershire. I would recommend going to see it if you’re anywhere local and want to see a Christmassy show the kids will enjoy too.

Miss 9 had heard the first part of the story at school, and was very curious to see how it ended. She did say she preferred the book to she show, but that may just be her genetic inheritance! Miss 7 was fascinated all the way through. Mr 3 hasn’t quite got the finer points of theatre going: Don’t talk when the actors are talking; Chairs are for sitting on; and Don’t fall asleep before the end.

Those five actors must have an interesting time going round all their different locations to act, but they must be very warm blooded to cope with all the variations in temperature they must encounter! We had watched the weather reports with trepidation, hoping that it wouldn’t snow too hard. Yesterday we got snow showers, and a few miles down the road they had four inches deep. We only got snow that looked a bit like a hard frost and were incredibly relieved. The church heating got put on yesterday to try to counter the cold and we hired a space heater to put on all afternoon. I have to say, the church was as warm as I have ever known it to be at this time of year (its nickname is ‘The Fridge’). Unfortunately, every time the door was opened, the cold crept in. I doubt there’ll be any residual warmth left by morning.

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