Today the knitted crib scene came out. This was our Sunday School session this morning: A time of waiting and preparation. Every year this crib scene travels round families in the parish, spending a day with each. Each child gets to look after a sheep at home and bring it in to the crib service on Christmas Eve to reunite it with its brothers and sisters.

We talked a bit this morning about preparing for Christmas. We are all busy getting ready for Christmas, hoping the day goes exactly as planned. Now I’m sure Mary and Joseph had made plans for the new baby. I bet they were not impressed at the inconveniently timed trip to Bethlehem they had to make which must have ruined all their plans. Even the Magi ended up at the wrong place, chatting to Herod before heading off to the right place. The people who had the best overall experience were probably the shepherds. No pre-planning involved. They heard the news, then headed straight off.

I will be planning for Christmas. I will be doing the shopping and hoping everyone has fun. Hopefully I won’t be too upset if things don’t go exactly to plan, and hopefully I will be open to spontaneous fun and not too obsessed with cushion plumping.

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2 Responses to Advent

  1. Amanda B says:

    Wonderful to see this knitted crib scene again. It brings back fond memories of our Xmas with you last year. A very different xmas for us this year – complete with our own baby planning! Much love to all, A

    • planetcoops says:

      That photo was from last year! I couldn’t get a decent one yesterday because Mr 3 has decided that the most fun is to be had from spreading the figures all over the floor, under the table and behind the chairs.

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