Today I mostly Evaluated and Recorded Costs and Revenues.

There weren’t very many people sitting this exam at the college. In fact there were only five of us. I’m studying at home and sitting each exam once I’m ready so I don’t have to fit into a school schedule. The other four were people who are studying at the college and, for whatever reason didn’t make it to the exams last June. One almost didn’t make it today and they are all worried that snow will keep them at home on Wednesday, which is when the other exam for the qualification we’re all working towards is being held. I sat that one in June, so have no worries on that front.

The exam went fine. All my practise meant I was completely comfortable with the exam, and although I took about twice as long as I had spent on the practice papers, I was still out within two hours. I was able to pop into Hereford and buy Miss 9 the earmuffs she was desperate for, and gloves to replace the ones lost in the last week. Actually I bought four pairs of gloves because I expect several will get lost over the next couple of months. I have just realised that it was only about the second time in three years that I have been shopping completely on my own – no husband, no children. It’s amazing how fast you can walk without a three year old trying to go the opposite way!

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4 Responses to AAT ECR Exam

  1. Narmina says:

    Hi there
    How you did find todays exam ,what type of questions was?

    • planetcoops says:

      The exam was fine. The questions were very similar to the previous papers I had done, which I downloaded from my distance learning provider’s website. I’m sure the AAT have example papers on their website as well.

      • Narmina says:

        Thanks for reply,yes they got old paper, I am just interesting in new exam which was on 29 Nov ,students say that limited factor section was hard ,do you think that it was hard?

      • planetcoops says:

        Yes, that was the question which was the most different from the old papers. For one thing, having to fill in the text for some of the rows was unusual (and I hope I got it right!), and having a contractual requirement for one of the products was something I had never done in a previous paper. I think it was OK, and a fair paper overall.

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