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Pub Quizzing

Our monthly pub quiz. We test our general knowledge against each other and the quiz master. Today we tied for first place! We had a tie-breaker round. We still tied. We had a second tie-breaker round. We still tied. We … Continue reading

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All Those Years Ago

I just realised this afternoon that it was sixteen years ago today that I left home. Not just left home, but moved 12,000 miles off on a big adventure. The aim of the move was to end up in a … Continue reading

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Practice Exams

Now I’m feeling virtuous because as of this evening I’ve completed 5 previous exam papers. So, I’m pretty sure I’m competent at Analysing and Recording Costs and Revenues. Once this exam is done, all I have to do is the … Continue reading

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Hello Chicken

Introducing Violet, Merry and Strawberry. Sadly, there’s no Elizabeth in this shot – she died about a month ago. Funnily, since Elizabeth died, we have been getting through more chicken pellets than we ever did before, even when we had four young … Continue reading

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Resuming Normal Life

Things have been quite up in the air recently and I was looking forward to things settling down a bit so when I heard a sickness bug was rampant in the junior classes at school I was a bit nervous … Continue reading

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First Frost

We had our first real hard frost last night. It got very icy in places, particularly on our garden table. Still, there are some plants in our garden which seem to have no idea what time of year it is.

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We had an evening out last Friday. The girls have been going to a club since May, where they sing, dance and learn modelling walks. I’m not one of those stage-struck mothers who want their kids to grow up to … Continue reading

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