We All Like To Complain

At least I do. I do whinge about the cold and the weather, and whatever else comes to mind (politicians, people in parent and toddler parking spaces at Aldi, potty training ‘experts’…) but I do know I have things pretty easy really. My sister in law and her family were supposed to move house today. Unfortunately the removal truck couldn’t get up their ice-coated, snow filled street and they are stuck. Now that is something worth complaining about. Thankfully, the person trying to move in is being understanding (although I’m guessing he would have trouble with the actual moving in part as well). After a very stressful sale process, this is just the icing (frosting?) on the cake.

Did we hear them complain? No. They seem quite upbeat, which is probably the only way to be. I am beginning to understand that happiness is within your own head and circumstances are somewhat incidental. Obviously things happen which affect happiness, but your ‘base level’ is quite within your control. The difficulty is changing your thought patterns to see the positive rather than the negative. I know I have habitually come to focus on my complaints rather than accolades. I am trying my hardest to always see the bright side, which can be tough when Miss 9 is too late downstairs to eat her breakfast and has lost her two-day-old earmuffs, but I’m getting better at it.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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