On Shiny Taps and The Importance of Framing Your Shots

Yesterday I was reminded that I am trying to follow the Flylady system. I discovered the Flylady website in May, after I had made peace with the concept of having to do housework, and was looking for a system to make sure I actually did it. I did really well for a few months. My bathrooms stayed clean, as did my kitchen. Hotspots disappeared. I wasn’t worried about unexpected visitors. Even planned visits didn’t lead to the flurry of panic cleaning they used to. Then, in about September, I sort of forgot about it. Some of the habits remain: I swish and swipe the bathrooms every day, the washing is up to date and the dishwasher is emptied first thing every morning, but other jobs started to be neglected again.

Yesterday I looked at Kelly’s task: Shine your taps. So, shine my tap I did.

This is the confession part. Stand back a bit from the lovely shiny tap, and this is what you see:

Proof, if proof were needed, that I hadn’t done Kelly’s task the previous day (clean the worktops) and a good indicator of the house as a whole. My husband, who has put up with messy me for all these years, saw the shiny tap yesterday and said ‘Hooray! Flylady’s back!’

In my defence, I have been very busy lately. All this house decorating time has to come from somewhere and anything which has been non urgent has been neglected a bit, and I do love tasks which have big visual results. At the moment our living room is going from orange to ivory. I’m only half way through, and already the light levels are amazing.

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2 Responses to On Shiny Taps and The Importance of Framing Your Shots

  1. Laura says:

    Painting before Christmas? Now I’m impressed! I’m going to have to look up that Flylady website. I have yet to make peace with the housework!

  2. Karen says:

    Ha, Ha, I can see Flylady flying in one window and out the other at my house in desperation.

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