Jobs Done (almost)

The living room is now ivory! The radiator needs another coat of paint, but other than that, it is all complete. I had planned to decorate the room over the weekend (meaning Christmas decorations rather than paint) but we haven’t quite got round to that.

I have culled the books so that there is now enough space on the bookcase for each book to stand up neatly with enough space left over for the book I am currently reading plus one more as yet unpurchased. I have a big box of the books I know I’m not going to need or want in the next year or so to put in the loft and I’m amazed they all used to fit on the shelves (sort of).

The old stereo is not coming back in, so that means the photos and ornaments have a bit more space to not look quite the cluttered mess they usually do, although I’m sure once they’re draped with tinsel the overall effect will be just as busy.

The next pile of stuff to sort out is all the assorted brightly coloured plastic items that all kids spend their childhoods acquiring. The only question is, bin or store?

About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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1 Response to Jobs Done (almost)

  1. Any pictures???? Its great to get some projects done well enough before Christmas so you have time to enjoy the job well done with friends and family.

    Good Job
    The Handyguys

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