Christmas Brunch

I went out for a Christmas Brunch today. I have never had a Christmas brunch before, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a spicy chinese style soup followed by a spread of lovely cheeses and pate and dips and bread. We sat around a table and talked about all sorts of things – the sorts of things that when my husband asks what on earth we managed to talk about for all that time I’ll say, ‘Oh, this and that…’

The house was beautifully Christmassy, and now I feel like I really must get on with putting the tree up. Once I got home I painted the radiator, so the living room really is ready to acquire its seasonal sparkle.

Mr 3 enjoyed it too. He had grapes and olives with his lunch. He managed to mess up someone else’s living room instead of ours. He also managed to hide my car keys. After several minutes of increasingly frantic searching and emptying out of handbag and pockets, he retrieved them from the dolls house.

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