Christmas Party and Church

Mr 3 went to the pre-school Christmas party this morning. All the parents were invited too, and we participated in a busy pre-school session. There was music and party food. Santa came! and handed out presents. Mr 3 looked so excited when his name was the first to be called out to go and get his package. The word ‘present’ has just become one of his favourites. It was a lovely morning, and not just for the children.

At lunchtime we rushed off to go and buy some coal. I worked out we would have just enough time to go to our nearest town, get the coal and get back home before heading out for our afternoon activities. We had to be in church at 1pm as the PTFA were serving refreshments this afternoon at the end of term service. So off we went, purchased coal and kindling and popped into the Co-op. We turned for home with just enough time (we thought). Unfortunately we crawled home behind the slowest driver we have met in a while. Then we caught up with a learner driver. It was our slowest journey back ever.

I made it to church only ten minutes late. Our church is not the most easy place to serve tea and coffee from. Firstly, the only tap is outside, round the back. Secondly, the tap was frozen solid. Luckily I had checked the water before the pre-school party and come home with the barrel to fill it from our tap. For the first time I was glad we still have a pushchair sat by the front door – today it transported water. We got the urn boiling in time and people had hot drinks to warm them up. The kids all participated in the lovely service and the handbell group were particularly good – especially considering that four of the original group were off sick and so half the group were last minute replacements.

There are things you don’t think about when you see our church, perhaps as a tourist in the middle of summer, perhaps in photographs. It is a truly beautiful building, but it has problems which really need to be sorted out.We do have great plans for updating the church. Our top priorities have to be decent heating (and insulation), running water and toilets. That’ll do for starters!

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