Out and About

Our cars haven’t been out much recently. We did go out today though. It got to the point we had to decide between the chance of the weather getting better, or the risk of it getting worse. We made it out, although even the main roads (which were almost clear) didn’t have quite enough grit to prevent a bit of slipping and sliding. That makes us more adventurous than our postman, whom we haven’t seen for the last couple of days.

We have been to Morrisons. I don’t like Morrisons, and that feeling intensified today based on their lack of coriander, sweet potatoes and lettuces. They had plenty of traditional Christmas day food, but if you were planning to serve anything a bit different over the next few days, then bad luck. They had also changed the deal on their beer – 3 for £18 has become 2 for £14. We decided to go to Aldi as well.

Aldi had coriander, sweet potatoes and lettuce in stock. Their beer was £7, making it the same price but at least it was the honest proper price and we didn’t have to buy two or three times as much as we wanted to get the value. It was also virtually empty. I have never seen the carpark so bare or the shop so quiet. Now we are ready for the weekend.

With the weather the way it is, I really feel sorry for our chickens. They too have hardly been out for the last couple of weeks. They used to rush out in the mornings, bursting through the door, trying to be the first out. Since all the white stuff arrived they poke a beak out, see the snow and aren’t at all enthusiastic about coming out. One morning I went to check on them because I hadn’t seen them out at all, and they were all huddled together in the nest box.

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