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VTech Kiddizoom

We bought Mr 3 a camera for Christmas. He absolutely loved it. It was simple to use. Taking photos, videos, editing, playing games – even I could figure out how to use it without reading a manual. He took loads … Continue reading

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Each year the PTFA at our school pay for a trip for all the children. This year Key Stage 2 went to see Joseph at the Malvern Theatre. This afternoon the girls had a fantstic trip. It is a show they … Continue reading

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Fencing Part 2

See! The new fence. We put the main posts in yesterday, and the concrete which was supposed to go off in 20 minutes took rather longer. Today we put up the new panels, so next door can let their dog … Continue reading

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I took down a bit of our fence today, before it had a chance to fall down. It has been about to fall down ever since we moved in here, and has been being held up with string, a nail and … Continue reading

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How Bad Luck Can Be Good Luck

I have three winter coats. I have my big purple coat, which I love. I bought it in the C&A closing down sale, which makes it just over a decade old. It cost me £45, – possibly the best £45 I … Continue reading

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Cookery Lessons

For many years I never used to cook at all. When Mr Planetcoops and I were first together and were in the negotiating chores part of our relationship, we decided that, whichever of us cooked the other would clean up … Continue reading

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Little Things

I have been getting on with lots of little things this week. I have sharpened pencils and sorted out dried up pens. I have fixed a wooden toy truck which has been broken for months, and is now back to … Continue reading

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How Musical Are You?

The BBC is running a series of experiments to test various things. The latest one is a test on music and musical ability I was fascinated by the results I got – and surprised at how hard I found some … Continue reading

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I heard today that David Tennant and Catherine Tate are going to star in Much Ado About Nothing shortly. A couple of years ago I wanted to go to see Hamlet in Stratford on Avon. Unfortunately, by the time we had … Continue reading

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The Name of the Rose

By Umberto Eco Guess what? It snowed again. No, this post isn’t about snow, but is does match the setting of the book I’ve just finished, in which footsteps left in the snow are clues in a murder mystery. This was … Continue reading

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