Lazy Mornings

Our mornings have got later and later over the past couple of weeks. A few times this week we haven’t had time for breakfast and gone straight on to lunch! I am really dreading tomorrow, when we have to get back to normality (although as Mr 3 has pre-school and Mr Planetcoops is on his fortnightly trip to the office I will be able to have 3 hours of Absolute Silence. Bliss.)

Mr Planetcoops has it a bit worse than me. Because he works from home most of the time we can live a long way from his office, but on the days he has to go in he has a very early morning and spends a total of six hours commuting. In the three and a half years he has been doing this petrol has become a lot more expensive too. The last time he went in it cost more than £50 to do the trip into the office.

It will be nice to have some routine again. I think two weeks is a good length for a holiday – enough to really enjoy it and not quite be ready to get back to school and work, but not long enough to get fed up and argumentative.

About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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