How Musical Are You?

The BBC is running a series of experiments to test various things. The latest one is a test on music and musical ability I was fascinated by the results I got – and surprised at how hard I found some of the parts.

The one result I got which I think was dodgy was the musical enthusiasm score. It thinks I have low musical enthusiasm, but I think it’s wrong. There was one question I answered incorrectly (How many concerts have you been to in the last year – I put zero, then remembered later that I have been to two, which is every single one that happened within a 7 mile radius). It also asked whether I spent much of my disposable income on music (disposable income? I haven’t had much of that for a while, but I have a radio, CDs and internet access). Another question was about how much time I spent listening to music as a primary activity (not just on in the background). Free time is unfortunately in the same category as disposable income and my listening habits have to bend around everyone else’s activities.

Apart from that minor quibble, I thought the test gave very accurate results and I agreed with all the things it told me about myself at the end.

I quite like this BBC site. It’s a chance for anyone to participate in proper experiments from the comfort of their armchair (although that means people like me can skew the figures by getting questions wrong!). I’m going to head back from time to time to see what else they add.

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