How Bad Luck Can Be Good Luck

I have three winter coats. I have my big purple coat, which I love. I bought it in the C&A closing down sale, which makes it just over a decade old. It cost me £45, – possibly the best £45 I have ever spent. Last year it lost three buttons, and by chance Aldi had cheap coats in at the time, so I bought one for £7.99. This one was brown, short, but surprisingly warm. I then bought another nice wool coat. Black, mid-length, but not as warm as either of the others.

The bad luck started with this coat. A couple of buttons came off. So I sewed them back on. Then they fell off again. Probably because, while the coat fits me, it doesn’t fit me plus three jumpers. Anyhow, my two ‘good’ coats spent all summer waiting for me to sew buttons back on them and even come winter I hadn’t got round to doing it. I have worn my cheap coat all winter. A week or so ago, in my enthusiasm for Doing Little Things, I sewed the buttons back onto my black coat.

The next day we had bad luck – a bit of a potty training accident. Luckily I was wearing my cheap, machine washable coat, so coat and scarf were able to go straight in the washing machine, and my black coat was ready in reserve.

The next day I put my hand into the pocket and realised I had a pen in there. A very leaky pen. (I know: lesson learned) Luckily it had leaked into the one item of clothing I own which won’t show the stain.

Good luck and bad luck, all mixed up. By the way, I still haven’t sewn the buttons back onto my favourite coat, but it’s on my to-do list!

The other bad luck was our stock of paint. I thought we had two unopened tins of Farrow and Ball Emulsion (Farrow’s Cream – No 67) in the shed. That would have been enough to finish off all our internal painting with no need to buy any more paint. It turns out we only had the one spare tin – enough to finish off the utility room. Not enough to do the bedroom.

When I opened it it didn’t look like paint. It had frozen in the cold snap and was now useless. Turns out it was a good thing we only had the one spare! I went to the shop to buy a replacement tin and mentioned to the shop assistant why I had to replace it. She said loads of people had said the same. She’d never known a winter like it and they weren’t accepting returns at the shop any more because they couldn’t take the risk the paint had been stored outside.

If you’ve got paint stored in your shed or garage, you’ll probably have to get rid of it now. Don’t do as I do and get the room all cleared and prepared only to find you can’t use the paint! And those half tins you’ve been storing in case the room needs touching up – Bad luck, you’ll need to get a new load.

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