I took down a bit of our fence today, before it had a chance to fall down. It has been about to fall down ever since we moved in here, and has been being held up with string, a nail and some ivy. I do love the ‘destruction’ part of gardening. Great big changes visible straight away.

Tomorrow we will have to put up the replacement. I just hope it isn’t too cold. That’ll be one more job to cross off the list.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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2 Responses to Fencing

  1. Laura says:

    I see the ivy and I can’t seem to wrap my head around yard work in January…unless I’m building a quinzhee!

  2. planetcoops says:

    Thankfully the weather has warmed up here, so there are no quinzhees in our garden. The girls even went out to school with no gloves the other day because it was ‘only just freezing’.

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