AAT ECR Exam Results

The exam results came today. I passed, so that’s one more step crossed off.

Now I just have to get on and do my last assessment. I had intended to get it done for Christmas, but lots of things intervened. First our Rector (my local, friendly assessment supervisor!) went off to Canada on an exchange for a month, then we had bouts of illness (the local school has never had a term like it for people off), then Christmas. For the past month I have had no excuse. I should just be Getting On With It. Unfortunately my enthusiasm has been low, the need to get the house decorated, high. I just have this one last assessment to do and I’ll have an actual qualification. Equivalent to an NVQ3 (or an A-level or a Bursary exam, depending on which part of the globe you’re on). Then roll on the level 4 qualification.

The problem is deadlines. I find it much easier to prepare for an exam ON THE 29TH NOVEMBER. On the calendar, underlined and ringed in red. An assessment which can be sat at any time, whenever I’m ready, just doesn’t have the same level of urgency. It struggles to reach the top of my incredibly long must-do list. There is, however, a deadline looming. The whole qualification I am doing is changing. The assessment has to be done (and passed) by summer or I have to start this part of the qualification again. That’s a whole year’s work*.

Today I got out the practice simulation I have to pass before I can apply to do the real thing. I have done about a third of it this morning, and have forcefully realised another reason I have been moving slowly. These assessments take three hours. To properly do a practice one you need three hours, uninterrupted. How often do I get three hours uninterrupted? Never**. In my perfectionism I have been waiting until I have the perfect slot of time to fit it in, which means it has never got done. Perhaps it’s time to listen to Flylady and do it 15 minutes at a time.

Anyway, wish me luck. I have to wade through some paragraph answers before I can get onto the next level and back onto the solid ground of numbers.

*Not exactly full-time!

**Even when I sit the real thing I’ll have to try to be quick enough to fit it into two and a half hours while Mr 3 is at pre-school. For the actual exams I have sat, Mr Planetcoops took the afternoon off work to do childcare and taxiing duties.

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2 Responses to AAT ECR Exam Results

  1. Gina says:

    congrats on the exam!!!…hows the others coming along?

    • planetcoops says:

      Practice assessment now almost ready to post off (just one question to go), then I can book the real thing. I can’t wait to get it all done – this has not been my favourite module.

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