No Gate Yet

We have a gap in our wall.

Until a week or two ago, there were a few struts of rotting wood held together with bungees filling the gap, but we didn’t think that had a great deal of kerb appeal and decided to replace it. We placed our order for a new gate last Sunday and were delighted when they said they could deliver it today, you see I can’t let Mr 3 out to play until the gap is closed. I don’t fancy him having direct access to the A44.

Today we are not so delighted. The first thing we noticed was that one of the posts wouldn’t fit into the holes already in the concrete. Still, it was only too big by a fraction, so we could have shaved it down slightly. Then the gate. The three-foot gate. Except it’s a three foot two gate and is too big for the gap. Now it’s a massive bit of wood cluttering up our sitting room, waiting to be returned.

We had hoped to be putting it in at the weekend. Instead we will be at Wickes or B&Q finding a gate that we can make sure is only three feet wide before we pay for it. As an aside, we will also be checking all the 100mmx100mm posts to make sure we get ones which aren’t 102 or 103mm.

This is the problem with working with existing structures. The new ones have to fit in, and given the level of accuracy that can be achieved (which we achieve if we DIY it) we have been shocked at the level of inaccuracy it is possible to buy. I was the one who persuaded Mr Planetcoops not to make a gate himself (‘No, it’ll be much quicker just to buy one’), now I’m regretting that!

Now we await our refund, which should also include the delivery charge. My phone conversation led me to believe that they don’t want to refund the delivery charge, so I quoted some consumer protection legislation about faulty goods, and made it clear we want all our money back. Let battle commence.

About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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2 Responses to No Gate Yet

  1. Laura says:

    I feel your pain! I would love to see the finished result. (What a beautiful stone wall you have!)

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