The Malvern Hills

We were clever enough to check the weather reports earlier in the week. This meant that Mr Planetcoops worked on his birthday and took the next day off for an ‘official’ birthday trip. We went out to the Malverns.

Mr 3 made it all the way to the top.

He only asked to be picked up once, and when we said no, he quite happily carried on walking. Miss 7, on the other hand, asked ‘Is this the tallest mountain in the world? Or is that the one in India?’ She was most disappointed to find out it wasn’t even big enough to be a mountain, it was just a hill.

It is a great place to get out to and blow the cobwebs away. It was the first day warm enough to be like spring and we felt we really made the most of it. One thing we were quite surprised to see on the steep path up the hill was a lamp-post. It could almost have been Narnia.

About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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2 Responses to The Malvern Hills

  1. Monica says:

    I love the Malverns. I used to live in Ledbury and one year me and my friends walked the whole length of them… it was tiring, but so beautiful. (ok it’s not that long a way… but we weren’t very fit!!)

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