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A Shopping Trip

This morning we had a shopping trip, which tells you all about our life at the moment. We started at B&Q. Compost: This is to mix with grass seed and distribute onto the lawn once the moss has been tamed … Continue reading

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A Week to View

I did mean to write this post yesterday, but I had an early night instead, so it’s a day late. In the past week (or eight days, really): I have washed 41 pairs of trousers, shorts and spiderman outfits. I … Continue reading

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A Finished Project

I have finished the Red Flower cross stitch. It is even complete a month earlier than planned because when I was working it out I didn’t take into account that the final quarter (bottom left) doesn’t have nearly as much … Continue reading

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On The Joys of Potty Training

Or Why I wish I had an actual job, paying actual money, so that I could afford for a nanny or a child minder or a day nursery to do the hard graft. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’ve … Continue reading

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Have You Seen the Moon Tonight?

It is fantastic! It’s the biggest brightest moon I’ve ever seen. Apparently today the full moon coincides with the perigee, and is the closest full moon since 1993. You’ll have to wait 20 years to see it this close again.

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Who needs a pet rabbit, when wild ones come to play every day? It’s lovely watching them play in the garden, but I won’t be trying to grow cabbages again this year.

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Maintaining a Tidy Living Room

Last Tuesday we had a new carpet laid in our living room. While the room was empty I noticd a huge difference in the way the children played. Typically they are lazy when in the house. They are completely sedentary … Continue reading

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