Happy Birthday Everyone

I don’t believe in astrology.


…cue the X-files music…

…Almost all my close friends have birthdays within this fortnight.

Since joining that wonderful network which is Facebook, I have been reminded of birthdays that are coming up, and I have noticed rather a large number recently. I have done a bit of a calculation and worked out that, over my lifetime, of the people I would class as close friends, about half of them have birthdays between 23rd February and 5th March.

I’m not great at keeping in touch with people. In the good old days I wrote the occasional letter, but more often I wrote a paragraph or two, then abandoned it. On the availability of email I improved, but only slightly. That paragraph or two, which would have been too short for a letter was fine for an email, but I still wasn’t great at starting to write them. That’s why I like Facebook. I can see what everyone is up to, and join in a conversation if I want to or I can just click Like if it’s the sort of conversation I would stand around listening to but have nothing of value to contribute myself.

Back to my subject. Not counting people I have just recently friended on Facebook, when I restrict the birthday list to people I have managed to keep in touch with despite two round the world moves and never living in one place for more than a few years, there is only one person on there who isn’t celebrating a birthday within a week either side of today.

The part I find amusing, is that according to the ‘rules’ of astrology, I’m not supposed to get on particularly well with Pisceans.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Everyone.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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1 Response to Happy Birthday Everyone

  1. Monica says:

    same for me… growing up the majority of my friends were born in September… things have evened out a bit lately (since marriage and children).

    Actually that is quite interesting too.

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