Women’s World Day of Prayer

This morning I went out to our local Women’s World Day of Prayer. For the first time I was on my own, because Mr 3 was at pre-school, and I decided to take advantage and walk to the chapel. It was 1.8 miles away according to google maps and it was a lovely day for a walk. It’s a while since I had a good walk. I find three-year-old speed very frustrating as he seems to translate ‘Come on, we’re already late’ as ‘Ooh, look at that leaf! Let’s stop here for a while.’ Out I strode, and had a lovely morning.

The service had been prepared by the women of Chile, and as always it gave a window onto a different world. Each of the WWDP services I have been to have been really interesting. Thought provoking and informative.

One of the ‘rules’ of the service is that different denominations are represented. There have to be at least two different denominations represented on the group that arrange it, and they have to send off a list of all the different denominations that attended. That can be a bit of a problem round here. As an example, I went to a Brethren church as a child, a Presbyterian church as a teenager, an Ecumenical church (Church of England, Methodist and United Reformed) when I lived in Basingstoke and now I go to a Church of England church. Many other people round here are the same. Ask them what denomination they are and they’ll say ‘Er…’

I think we’ve mostly got over our differences, as the similarities far outweigh them. It’s a shame when we have to put ourselves back in a pigeon hole.

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  1. Laura says:

    I went today, too; in Niverville, Manitoba, Canada.

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