Bye Bye, Chickens

Our chickens went to a new home today. I was quite sad to see them go but in this uncertain world, one thing that is quite certain is that our next house will not have a large garden. We made the decision to give away the chickens now because I have a friend with a chicken house just ready, and this will give us a chance to re-seed the lawn in time for spring. I waved them off knowing I can go and visit if I want to say hello to them again!

Once I have cleaned up the Eglu we will put it on eBay, and hopefully get something reasonable back for it. It really is a wonderful invention. We got the purple one because much as I love a natural look, and have lots of wood in the house, I think if you’ve got a huge chunk of plastic at the bottom of the garden, there’s no point pretending it’s anything but. You might as well make the most of what plastic can be, fun coloured being one of those things.

The other thing I loved was that it was completely hoseable, double insulated so the chickens were fine even over this last winter, and has a great integrated fox-proof run. If you’re planning on keeping chickens in your garden it’s the perfect solution. The original Eglus are great for small spaces and our Eglu Cube was brilliant in our larger garden.

Bye bye Violet, Strawberry and Merry. I’ll miss you and your eggs, although I won’t miss cleaning out a chicken house in the snow. I hope you like your new home. xxx

This is the only picture I could find of our Eglu and all our chickens. From left to right Merry, Elizabeth (who died a while ago), Violet and Strawberry.

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