What Have You Given Up for Lent?

I have to admit I don’t generally give things up for lent. I am more likely to take something up, such as a study book like The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I suppose that really involves giving up some time, which is my most valuable commodity.

I received a letter from Send a Cow a couple of weeks ago, which suggested giving something up, for example a daily coffee or chocolate bar, and donating the money saved to a good cause. One pound a day for forty days adds up to quite a reasonable donation to any cause. I did consider this, but I struggled to think of anything I could give up with that big an effect. Chocolate? About £2 a week (mostly spent on Aldi’s dark chocolate with hazelnuts). Coffee? We gave up our weekly coffee and cake date when the girls’ swimming lessons ended in December. Alcohol? More than one glass of anything makes me want to sleep, so it’s not a big part of my life. Eating out? That just doesn’t seem to happen any more. New books? This would once have been the biggie, but again, I have been very self controlled on Amazon recently as we are doing our best to de-clutter rather than acquire new things.

That said, I still think it’s a great idea. I will do my best to think of something I can give up and donate the resulting savings – even my chocolate at £2 a week is £12 over lent, and every penny counts. If you feel the desire to do the same, might I suggest an earthquake appeal as a good home for our donations.


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