A Shopping Trip

This morning we had a shopping trip, which tells you all about our life at the moment.

We started at B&Q.

Compost: This is to mix with grass seed and distribute onto the lawn once the moss has been tamed a little. The rest will be used for potting on the seedlings I’ve got germinating on the kitchen windowsill.

Weed suppressant membrane: We have lots of places in our garden with large shrubs such as flowering currants. Beneath these there has been a carpet of ground elder and various other out-of-control weeds. A couple of years ago, I put down some ground cover sheets, covered them in wood chips and stood back, amazed at how the area was instantly transformed from messy to well maintained. I did a much larger area last year, and now have a bit more to do before I feel it’s complete.

Builders’ sand: This is to mix with lime putty to repair a bit of old plaster which cracked off in the frost this winter. At least our frost damage is easily repairable. Almost every doorstep along the village is cracked or rather less crisp at the edges than it used to be.

Then we went on to Dunelm Mill

Curtains: We have very non-standard windows. The shortest standard curtains you can get are far too long for many of the windows in this house. I chose a lovely fabric but then almost baulked at the price of having the curtains made. Then I remembered what Wartime Housewife said yesterday, ‘…our desperate and misguided pursuit of cheap goods and cheap food have put our own businesses out of business.’ I looked up and saw a sign which said that all made to measure curtains were made in Leicestershire. That was me told. I looked at Mr Planetcoops and he shrugged and said ‘We’ll put it on the price of the house when we sell.’ I’m not sure it quite works that way, but never mind.

Then on to Booker:

Stamps: I send a lot of letters in my various voluntary roles. Might as well get them before the price increase.

Marmite: We eat it in bulk, so buy it in bulk.

Jalapenos: I hope to pickle my own this year, but none of my seeds have germinated yet 😦 however my fingers are still crossed and I know they will show themselves soon.

Finally, Claire’s Accessories.

Legwarmers: Bright pink. For Miss 7 who is in a dance group performing in a talent show on Friday. I have known for weeks that we needed to get her some legwarmers, but it has taken me until the last minute to get around to buying them. I was transported back in time to when I was desperate for my own pair of legwarmers. A wonderful friend gave me a pair of socks which had normal sock feet, but then bagged out hugely at the ankles to look like legwarmers. I wore them until long after they had ceased to be remotely fashionable. They were pink, too.

Then home, with 30 seconds to spare before Mr 3 had to be picked up from pre-school.

About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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2 Responses to A Shopping Trip

  1. wartimehousewife says:

    I had some of those legwarmers – were they not called ‘Flopsocks?’

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