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Happy Easter

It has been a really lovely day here. The ground was still slightly damp from a fantastic thunder storm and steady rainfall yesterday evening and the sun was shining. We started with chocolate for breakfast. Bunny ears, mostly! Then we … Continue reading

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Decorating: Complete

Something amazing has happened this weekend. We have finished decorating the house! It has taken us nearly four years, but now it is totally finished. We have repainted every room but one (the one room not decorated was luckily a … Continue reading

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And They Ate It!

I have been clearing out the freezer. Yesterday we had Chicken Surprise for dinner. The surprise was it turned out to be butter bean and bacon casserole. Ah well, you know you put the leftovers in the freezer thinking, ‘of … Continue reading

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Baking Bread

Sometimes things just seem like they’re meant to be. It all started with seeing blog posts about baking bread, particularly this one by Sue at The Quince Tree. I thought, that sounds easy, why don’t I try it? Then I … Continue reading

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Easter Holidays

The holidays are finally here. The kids have been getting more and more tired towards the end of term, and now I’m sure we will all benefit from a bit of a break. We haven’t got much planned for the … Continue reading

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Smartening Up the Driveway

Believe it or not, this is two and a half tons of new gravel. All raked out by me. So surely I need some extra calories…

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Frost Damage and Gardening

I had a beautiful, huge shrub in the back garden. I’m not sure what it was, but the flowers were like a Mahonia or a Bottle Brush plant. I was waiting for it to spring back to life once the … Continue reading

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Do you know what this is? And this? And this? They’re all baby jalapenos!!!! Hooray, they’re on their way. One place they won’t be going is my new allotment, as it won’t be warm enough for them there. Yes! Today … Continue reading

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Pizza Hut

We have just been out to Pizza Hut. We had promised a reward to the girls for good school reports, and this is their reward of choice. As I was sat there, I realised that it was also the last … Continue reading

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Crocheted WIP Bag

After I finished my last big cross stitch, I asked myself, ‘What shall I do next?’ My list was quite short; purple dress, medieval tapestry or moss stitch cardigan. So, of course I did none of the above. I have … Continue reading

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