Crocheted WIP Bag

After I finished my last big cross stitch, I asked myself, ‘What shall I do next?’ My list was quite short; purple dress, medieval tapestry or moss stitch cardigan. So, of course I did none of the above. I have been getting a bit of a crochet vibe for the past couple of weeks so I made a crocheted bag.

It is based on Attic24’s pattern. I did somehow end up with 11 trebles in the first ring, rather than 10 so the bottom is a little bit baggier than it should be. On the plus side, this meant that the rows were in multiples of 12 stitches, so the scalloping at the top (each bit six stitches wide) fitted perfectly. I made the base 13 rows across, and then made the bag 21 rows deep. My flowers are a bit different as well. I went for something which took into account the fact I was using only three colours, and wanted them all in the flower.

It isn’t really my colour palette, to be honest. It’s a bit too pastel for my taste, although the pink does crop up in my summer wardrobe on the odd occasion. I would have loved to go out and get some different wool to make it with, but I have a huge stash already, and I am determined not to buy any more yarn until I have got through at least half my stash.

It is going to be my WIP bag. The only question now is what to put in it next, purple dress, medieval tapestry or moss stitch cardigan?


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2 Responses to Crocheted WIP Bag

  1. Laura says:

    Oh, me too, me too! I made one, too, and ended up using a yarn I wasn’t fond of, just to use it up! But I’m looking to finish mine with D-rings and leather straps.

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